Daydream Explorers offers fun and interactive short-term accommodation in beautiful supported getaway destinations. Accommodating tailored, small groups, of 3 – 4 participants at a time, allows each stay to be tailor-made to suit each individual’s interests and joys.

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“My name is Nev and for over 12 months I’ve had the privilege of working for Daydream Explorers. After working in other areas within the industry such as, Autism, Alcohol and drug abuse, Dementia, Younger people with disabilities and Aged care, I have found that Daydream Explorers is very focused on the individual. They achieve this by giving us the carers and support workers a certain level of freedom to work in close contact with our clients. As a result this establishes trust and communication between carers, clients and their families. Once this level of trust is established, it gives our clients the freedom to discuss anything from their personal care needs to food requirements as well as being able to request a certain destination they would like to visit or maybe something as simple as an activity they would like to participate in. Having this approach, means that the clients travelling with us for the first time can feel comfortable as well as feeling like part of the team we call Daydream Explorers.

As part of a close team our emphasis is on our clients. We all combine our experiences in the industry so that as carers and support workers, we give our clients and their carers the sense that if anything was to happen during our journey, their health, safety and medical requirements would be professionally and confidentially catered for. Our sharing of knowledge between each other ensures that our goal of providing a friendly and professional service is achieved.”

Neville Wessling Roselt / Support Superstar

“We feel we have made lifelong friends with the entire group. Forgotten were the disabilities, the carers jobs, we were just a group of friends getting away for a few days. We loved our time away and think you do an amazing job at making the impossible  possible again.  Looking forward to our next trip.”

Will & Susan / Explorers